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Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
This, this is the way - E—Type
911 - Wyclef Jean
Last Christmas - G. Michael
Breaking the law - Judas Priest - intro riff
Feliz Navidad
Händel - La Rejoussance
Iron man - Black Sabbath - riff
Final countdown - Europe - riff
Axel F
Back in black - AC/DC - riff
Mamma mia - ABBA
Can you feel the love tonight - LionKing
Jingle bells
Star Wars
00 Alphabet & its natural chords
Californication - RHCP
Pink panther
Sailing - Rod Stewart
The rose
Can't stop - RHCP - riff
Super trouper
Morning has broken - Cat Stevens
Love is all around you - WetWetWet
Yesterday - Beatles
Du hast - Ramstein - riff
Mission impossible
Gama durowa
T N T - AC/DC - riff
Hava nagila
Bring it all back - S Club 7
Grieg - Morning from Peer Gynt
Run to the Hills - Iron Maiden - riff
Stan - Eminem
Irish tune
White Christmas
Home on the range ?
ojciec chrzestny Godfather
Happy Xmas (war is over)
Love is blue
Raindrops keep falling on my head - Bacharach
My love - West life
If I was a rich man
Heavens on fire - Kiss - riff
Scarborough fair
Gama molowa melodyczna
Memory from Cats
Lucky - Britney Spears
She bangs - RickMartin
We shall overcome
Red river rock
Music - Madonna
Pirates of the Caribbean
John Brown
Nokia tune
Gama molowa naturalna
KOR - Korea Republic -
SmokeOnTheWater - Deep Purple - riff
Take me on riff - aha - riff
GRE - Greece - Kai san prota andriomeni,
JPN - Japan - Kimi ga yowa .....
riff ???
Otherside - RHCP
Oops!... I did it again BritneySpears
Seven days - CraigDavid
My heart beats like a drum
Weil - Mack the Knife
Trójdźwięk durowy, akord
Nothing's gonna change my love
I say a little pray BackStreetBoys
Trójdźwięk molowy, akord
W murowanej piwnicy tańcowali
NED - Netherlands - Wilhelmus van Nassawe bin .....
Somewhere In Time, theme
Sto lat
Anna Maria
Głęboka studzienka
Spanish fly - Herb Alpert
The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Mbube)
Where have all the flowers gone
Oh Danny Boy
Wśród nocnej ciszy
Gdy śliczna Panna
JAM - Jamaica land we love
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